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we deliver delicious farm-fresh fruit to your door.

And yeah, organic goodness too!


office delivery

We deliver pre-washed and ready-to-eat fruit to workplaces all across Helsinki and Espoo. Freshness and taste guaranteed.


home delivery

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How it works

Our service is as simple as one, two, free. You tell us what fruit you like, we hand-pick the best, clean it and deliver it to your door once a week, or twice. Oh, and free delivery. With us, there’s not a fix-term agreement or contract, you can cancel, or change your subscription at any time. Read more.

Office’s most popular

The Essential Kit

This is a smart choice for healthy snacking at your work place, each delivery comes with a beautiful selection of 5-8 easy-to-eat and fresh fruit options. Ideal for up to 10 people weekly. Essential energy delivered guaranteed.

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The Unsung Kit

More mouths to feed? This fruitkit packs a real punch! The selection of mouth-watering motivators is ideal for up to 20 people weekly. A uniquely appealing dietary choice that combines great taste and dense nutrition.

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The Organic Bloomkit

The Organic Bloom Kit

Can super delicious and super healthy coincide in harmony? The answer is, “Absolutely.” This mouth-watering blend brings up to 6 types of sweet Certified Organic and fair-trade fruit. This is the perfect fruitkit for anyone who cares about conscious healthy eating. Ideal for up to 8 people weekly. Essential energy delivered guaranteed.

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Looking for a
tailored kit?

We can always tailor your fruitkit according
to your needs, please contact us and we will make it up to you!

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Our team puts together each and every fruitkit by hand. Every piece of fruit is checked for quality and cleaned, to reduce waste and ensure your satisfaction.

Family’s Bestseller

The Boss’ Kit

For under 20€, we will bring you a kit full of awesome – It contains a decadent selection of fruit to get you through the week. This kit is a great way to start if you are trying out the service for the first time. Try it once and tell us how you liked it. We love tailoring orders to our customers’ tastes.

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The Deluxe Kit

For hopeful fruit lovers out there. A bit of citrus, mixed in with tropical flavours and loads of vitamins! Contains: Our best apples, tangerines, bananas and pears – plus your choice of either mango or avocado. A surprise fruit once a month. This is a mouth-watering mix of fruit.

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The Organic Kit

A smart choice for healthy families, each delivery comes with a variety of easy-to-eat, fresh and organic fruit options that make the kitchen look great with our fancy basket and shiny fruit.

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