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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is fruitkit special?

fruitkit is a subscription-based service for guaranteed fresh fruit. Fruit and vegetables are very different (delicate, perishable) from most other things you can buy from a traditional supermarket. By focusing only on fruit and vegetables, we are able to guarantee that every piece that goes into your fruitkit is hand-picked, checked and cleaned – just the way you would do it yourself. Also, we are constantly innovating on our supply chain arrangements, so that our produce will spend less time traveling and more time being enjoyed!

How are you different from grocery delivery services?

We are 100 % independent from the major supermarket groups in Finland. When you order groceries delivered in Finland, you are basically paying them an additional fee for having the same poor fruit and veg delivered.

fruitkit selects only the best for you. We do not store produce for more than 3 or 4 days and we do not have large supermarket facilities, warehouses or delivery fleets to maintain. We know exactly how much fruit we need to serve our subscribers every week, so there is very little waste. We believe our resources are better invested into higher quality fruit, free delivery and the best customer service.

Do you really have the best fruit in town?

Yes, we do. By dealing only with responsible premium suppliers (importers as well as local farmers, depending on the fruit type); and ordering only what we really need we are able to negotiate great prices on behalf of our subscribers for fruit that might cost twice as much at traditional supermarkets (if it were available).

How about organic fruit?

We source the highest quality fruit available. Whenever that happens to be organic, we are very pleased however; if you would prefer some of the fruit you order from us to be organic, please let us know – we will be happy to accommodate you whenever possible, or be transparent and say if we cannot.

How much fruit is included in each kit?

Short answer: Between 2 and 5 Kg.
Long answer: The volume of fruit included in each kit varies and depends on two factors: how ‘exotic’ the fruit is, and the tier that you purchase (Starter, Premium, Deluxe and Boss kits are currently available).

All our fruitkits are designed to comfortably feed at least one person for most of one typical week however; the Deluxe and Boss fruitkits can feed a small household and are the best value for money (they also contain the most exciting fruit).

Whether you are a Starter or a Boss kit subscriber, rest assured: we go to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction of every member of the fruitkit family.

Do you serve businesses?

Yes. As a matter of fact, fruitkit had its beginning by delivering to companies. We work together with HR and accounting departments to tailor the best possible fruitkit for the workplace. Great quality fruit is fundamental, not only to employees’ energy levels and well-being, but also to a great place to work. Please email contact@fruitkit.fi to get a proposal.

Can I modify/cancel my order in the middle of the month?

Absolutely. We are quite confident that we can satisfy your fruit needs, however; if at any point you decide you need to make any changes to your subscription, or cancel it – you can do so by logging into your subscriber page, giving us a call, or just email us at contact(at)fruitkit.fi.

Can I test the service for only one week?

We created fruitkit due to the great benefits that the subscription model brings in terms of sustainability and quality – however; if you would like to try a delivery for one week, please email us at: contact(at)fruitkit.fi and we will work something out for you!

Can I have a delivery every other week?

Most definitely. Please let us know by writing us an email: contact(at)fruitkit.fi

Are you hiring?

Great companies are always hiring. We have great ambitions that will require your help to become reality. The best way to get the ball rolling is by reaching out to us via social media. Be creative, we recruit in unusual ways!

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