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Premium Fruit Delivery

We select only the best fruit for you to enjoy. Bursting with vibrant flavour and sourced from fair traded growers. Choose from our fantastic Essentials and Seasonal selections bellow and treat your team to regular office fruit deliveries. Keep your employees and colleagues happy and energised!


I ordered fruitkit for my office online and they quickly became one of our favourite employee health benefits. Everybody love the farm-fresh fruit delivered to our office.

Terhi T.


We receive fruitkit at our office and it’s been great so far. I’ve never seen such shiny, clean and flawless apple in Finland. And the fresh mango I had this morning was probably better any I had in Thailand - perfectly ripe, ready to eat, sweat and delivious. Great job fruitkit.


Dean C.


Very good quality fruit and nice personal service.

Rolf S.


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