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We deliver pre-washed and ready-to-eat fruit to workplaces all across the greater Helsinki area. Freshness and taste guaranteed.

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How it works


Our service is as simple as one, two, free. You tell us what fruit you like, we hand-pick the best, clean it and deliver it to your door once a week, or twice. Oh, and free delivery. With us, there’s not a fix-term agreement or contract, you can cancel, or change your subscription at any time. Read more.

Our Products


Premium Fruit Delivery

We select only the best fruit for you to enjoy. Bursting with vibrant flavour and sourced from fair traded growers. Choose from our fantastic Essentials and Seasonal selections bellow and treat your team to regular office fruit deliveries. Keep your employees and colleagues happy and energised!

Organic Nuts and Dried Fruit

These are the perfect snacks to satisfy a salty or sweat craving. They are all organic. Check it out, you might find something delicious.


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By providing your employees and colleagues with the freshest fruit from fruitkit, you too can be a part of the healthy office revolution.

Beyond the great health benefits, getting fresh fruit delivered is a convenient and great way to demonstrate that your company values its employees.

Lets create a healthy &
motivated workplace.

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The need for better fruit

The need and know-how is also how Fruitkit got started. Two guys from South America came to Finland and noticed that they do not have access to kind of fruit they are used to. No fresh mangos from your own backyard nor is the public market stacked high up with variety... read more