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It is an undisputed fact that a company’s culture can only be sustainable when the employees are happy. Having happy employees converts directly into productivity and better result.

There are invaluable benefits that healthy snacks offer to your employees and your business. Aside from the fact that it brights up the work environment, it also has been linked with higher productivity, employee engagement, and increased staff retention.

If you want to run your business successfully, you will need effective and energized employees. Productivity can suffer when there is a lack of motivation and engagement. One of the ways you can adopt to show your staff how you care about their health, wellbeing and general lifestyle is incorporating healthy snacks to their diet. Besides, it also helps to boost morale.

Here’s the evidence

  • Why fruits and healthy snacks? The advantage of providing your employees with fruit and/or healthy snacks is clear. They are cost-effective, and the benefits it offers also outweigh the effort.
  • Increased Energy level Working in a busy environment doesn’t give employees time for healthy heading; this allows the employees to resort to eating junks, fast foods or using the vending machine to get soda drinks.
  • You appreciate your staff The word “Thank You” can change one’s morale from zero levels to a hundred. Giving your employees fruits is another way of saying thank you for your commitment and effort. The more you tell them thank you, the more they put in more effort into giving their best at the workplace.
    The bottom line: Giving employees’ fruit snacks is a way to make them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Increased productivity If there is anything employers want more from employees, it would be increased productivity. Research and studies have shown that the simple introduction of fruit and healthy snacks into the office routine will result in an 11% increase in employees’ productivity at their workplace. The research also showed that 79% of staff said they feel more valued and appreciated when they are offered healthy snacks at their workplace. Their conclusion is a result of the fact that fruits support the health and well-being of the employees and it also makes them more positive.

Another reason why fresh fruits and healthy snacks have been linked to increasing productivity is that it makes employees more engaged and motivated while at work. It is a sign that the employer or business cares about the welfare of the employees.
Other researches and studies showed that 87% of staff would rather choose to be employed in a company that is concerned about their health and wellbeing and over 80% of employees said the quality of their life had increased significantly since they have been working in a company that serves fruit.

Here is the breakdown of the numbers (remember numbers don’t lie):
– 81% of staff are in support of having fresh fruit at their desk because it improves their quality of life at work.
– 70% said they started eating more fruits since their employer/ company has been serving them fruit.
– 45% said eating fruit has stopped them from eating unhealthy snacks.

Holistically, a single fruit can make a significant difference to your employees, how they handle your work, and how they see your company. We have to agree here that the overall image of your company and staff retention improves if a healthy diet is offered as a benefit. It is a clear sign of how much you care about their health and general well-being.



Let your employees find meaning in their work, and they will contribute and commit themselves to work better than you can ever think of. This is where fruitkit comes in to help you deliver fruits to your workplace using our sustainable logistics and eco-friendly packaging.  And you can start today! So why not make it step one on your Company’s culture happiness plan?