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For Families

If our quality does not beat your local supermarket’s, your fruit for the week is  FREE.

The Deluxe Kit

Can super delicious and super healthy coincide in harmony? The answer is, “Absolutely.” The Organic Bloomkit are perfect for anyone who cares about conscious healthy eating. This mouth-watering blend brings up to 5 types of sweet Certified Organic and fair-trade fruit.


The Boss’ Kit


For under 20 €, we will bring you a kit full of awesome – It contains a decadent selection of fruit to get you through the week. This kit is a great way to start if you are trying out the service for the first time. Try it once and tell us how you liked it. We love tailoring orders to our customers’ tastes.


The Deluxe Kit

For hopeful fruit lovers out there. A bit of citrus, mixed in with tropical flavours and loads of vitamins! Contains: Our best apples, tangerines, bananas and pears – plus your choice of either mango or avocado. This is a mouth-watering mix of fruit.


The Premium Kit

Slightly more adventurous, this kit is perfect for eating by hand, or mixing up some juice. Contains: Our best apples, bananas and tangerines, plus your choice of either avocados or pears! No more skipping breakfast, you’ll always have fruit at hand to give you an energy boost.


Why get a weekly fruit subscription to my home?

The quality of our fruit is guaranteed to be higher than what’s found in 95 % of supermarkets in Finland. We offer free delivery and we adjust your orders according to your taste.

Try us and you may never want to buy average fruit from traditional retail again!

Why is fruitkit Home Delivery the smartest choice?

Are you a couple that likes leading a healthy lifestyle? Are you a concerned parent who would like his/her children to eat more fruit? Are you a group of young professionals living together who want to keep in shape?
Or, would you just like the convenience of fresh fruit without leaving your home?
Set the day for your delivery and give fruitkit a try today!



And get 50% discount on your next month.

It’s simple, tell a neighbour or a friend about fruitkit and they will get 20% discount on their first order, and you will get 50% off your next order too.

There is no limit to the amount of people you can introduce. The more people you tell, the more you save. They need to use the promo code #TellYourNeighbour and mention your name in the check out message box, et voilà.

*Promotion only valid for households inside Helsinki and Espoo areas.

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