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Our clients all have something in common, they are some of Europe’s best places to work.

Office’s most popular

The Essential Kit

This is a smart choice for healthy snacking at your work place, each delivery comes with a beautiful selection of 5-8 easy-to-eat and fresh fruit options. Ideal for up to 10 people weekly. Essential energy delivered guaranteed.

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The Unsung Kit

More mouths to feed? This fruitkit packs a real punch! The selection of mouth-watering motivators is ideal for up to 20 people weekly. A uniquely appealing dietary choice that combines great taste and dense nutrition.

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The Organic Bloomkit

The Organic Bloom Kit

Can super delicious and super healthy coincide in harmony? The answer is, “Absolutely.” This mouth-watering blend brings up to 6 types of sweet Certified Organic and fair-trade fruit. This is the perfect fruitkit for anyone who cares about conscious healthy eating. Ideal for up to 8 people weekly. Essential energy delivered guaranteed.

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We can build a custom plan according to your needs, please contact us and we will make it up to you!

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Why we should have fruit at our work place

Providing your workplace with fresh fruit is a great way to improve morale and the wellbeing of your employees. One or two fruitkit deliveries a week will go a long way in helping colleagues stay healthy and productive. True story.

Fruitkit has created the perfect service for employers looking to keep staff and customers happy and well- nourished. Our clients include some of Europe’s best places to work – once they tried fruitkit, they never went back. Because, let’s face it, we also provide the best customer service in the industry.

Did you know?

Providing healthy snack alternatives to employees not only helps boost morale, but it has proven to increase productivity too:

– Motivates Staff
– Promotes Wellness
– Improves Morale
– Increases Production
– Cuts Out Snacking and Unnecessary Breaks

Fresh fruit provides carbohydrates for quick energy. Pineapple, orange, and kiwi fruit are packed with vitamin C, a powerful nutrient for joints and connective tissue that also boasts antioxidant properties.